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iPhone brings CrazyKart 2


Crazy Kart, a French-based mobile game, made by Int13, brought the new Crazy Kart 2 game to the Apple iPhone.

We still don’t know a lot about this, but rumours say that we should expect 320×320 pixels playing area, on-screen virtual steering wheel, 3 vehicle classes (karts, motorbikes and hovercrafts), 6 characters with different vehicles, downloadable content, and WiFi online multiplayer mode with match making and up to four simultaneous players.

iPhone brings CrazyKart 2

Originally, the game was created for Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms, but it was not too hard to adapt to iPhone. They are also still searching and evaluating the alternatives, like tilt control and landscape display support.

Crazy Kart 2 is scheduled for July, but until then you can see a demo video on the youtube.com site


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