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Nokia 6300, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6086 and Nokia 2626


Nokia gave news of four new mobiles to be launched early 2007.

We have the Nokia 6300, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6086 and Nokia 2626. The first three are mid range mobile phones while the latter is a low-end phone.

The Nokia 6290 is a 3G 850/900/1800/1900 clamshell smartphone. It has two TFT screens, one with 16M colors and the second exterior one with 256k color. It has Symbian 9.1 OS, and connectivity is well represented with 3G, edge, gprs, ir and bluetooth. It will have 50MB internal memory and a microSD extension card slot. It also features FM Radio

The Nokia 6086 resembles The 6290 except that it hasn’t got 3G and the main TFT is only 256K colors. Besides the 6290 it has Wi-Fi support (plus that it is UMA-enabled – where UMA means Unlicensed mobile access)

The Nokia 6300 is an one piece – monoblock mobile phone. It is triband, and has a 16M-color display. It also has FM radio, Bluetooth and microSD card support.

The Nokia 2626 is a low-end budget mobile phone with 65k CSTN display, 2MB internal memory and FM radio.

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