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Toki Tori and Minigore iPhone games: updated


Chillingo came with several games for iPhone users. Now, they have just announced that two of their iPhone games were updated: the Toki Tori and the Minigore games.

The Toki Tori updated game will now include: bonus level support; you will be able to play your own music; support for iPod library access; extra button to focus the camera on Toki Tori; controls overview, which are accessible from the in-game menu; random level feature; four new bonus levels; fixed Bubble Barrage level 2 alternative solution; and the game is now available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

As for the Minigore game, the updates are almost finished and new levels will be available quite soon. One of the game’s new feature is that two new characters will be available, Lizzy and Enviro-bear,each featuring in its own episode.