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Top 5 reasons Apple Iphone sucks


On 9th January at Macworld 2007 Apple revealed its firts phone, the long-awaited Iphone. But it was partly a disappointment. Why is that ? I’ll give you the top 5 reasons:

1) Apple Iphone has NO 3G

You put a 3.5″ touchscreen TFT display with a resolution of 320×480 pixels on the phone, you call it somewhat “Internet-oriented” and you ONLY GIVE IT EDGE ? This is an outrage to say the least.

2) Apple Iphone has a 2MP Camera

This is more than “last year”, how can you come in 2007 and annouce that your highly expected phone has a 2MP camera. That’s insane, Nokia N95 will have a 5 (FIVE) MP camera, and plenty more mobile phones have already at least a 3MP camera

3) Apple Iphone comes with 4Gb or 8GB of memory

Oh no they didn’t, but … they DID. They have only put a maximum of 8GB in the Apple Iphone. You bring products with 80GB and you put in your phone only EIGHT ? Bad Apple, bad, bad, bad …

4) Apple Iphone battery life

With the 3.5 inch touchscreen display, and the thickness of 11.6mm, you can expect Apple Iphone battery to die after even less than 2 days of music listening, talking on the phone and surfing the web. Unacceptable for this product.

5) Apple Iphone huge price

They are really crazy, the price in Cingular networks for the 4GB model with a 2 year plan is 499$ !!! And for the 8GB one, 599$. They may be relying on Apple fans for sells but that’s too bold, even from them.

here’s a picture of the i-phone.
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