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3 out of 5 first-time smartphone owners choose Android


It is common knolwdge that Android is considered to be the most popular operating system all around the world. The reasons are in fact both numerous and well-found. Android’s market share in Spain is a whopping 84%, and around 50% in the US.

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Comscore, an internet marketing research company, has just released a report, which states that 62% of first-time smartphone owners choose Android devices, with 25% picking iOS. The main reason for this is that Android includes all devices across the price spectrum, with iOS featured on only the high-end iPhone. While Apple might be better off financially against Android device manufacturers, market share numbers are also a very important factor in the race for smartphone and OS dominance.

Highlights of this report include:

  • Around 110 million users in the US own a smartphone.
  • 47.5% consumers who owned feature phones upgraded to smartphones, and increase of almost 10%, with around 50% choosing to change to another smartphone.
  • 61.5% of first-time smartphone buyers chose Android, with 25.2% picking Apple devices. Microsoft (Windows Phone) and RIM accounted for 7.1% and 4.8% respectively.
  • For users that upgraded from one smartphone to another, 54.2% bought Android devices, with 33.5% buying iOS devices.