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A New Taste for Chocolate: LG Chocolate VX8550


Even if there are few things better than chocolate, it seems like the VX8550 model proves that Chocolate can get better and better. Don’t get me wrong now, we are talking about mobile phones. The LG Chocolate model has definitely improved with a mechanical scroll wheel that has a trace motion light, a touch pad that vibrates and an overall sleeker look. The phone is also equipped with a megapixel camera, a music player, and access to Verizon’s V Cast service.
This could be the bottom line and we could say that there is definitely nothing better than VX8550 Chocolate, but this isn’t the case. There are still bad parts: the touchpad doesn’t replace happily the feeling of tactile keys and also the expensive Music Set needed for the microSD card and USB cable isn’t a plus.
All in all, most of us like to taste the new and we can guarantee that this LG flavor is worth trying.
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