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Apple Inspires from Sony when Designing the iPhone


Sony is well known for its design heritage and so the owners of Xperia know that using great mobile handsets over the last years is going to represent in fact a real advantage. There are for instance the Xperia NXT handsets, Xperia arc (a design classic in our eyes), Xperia mini, Sony Ericsson T68i and Xperia ray.

Taking all this into consideration, it is common knowledge that many sustain that Apple took inspiration from Sony when designing the iPhone. The information appeared obviously due to the constant competition between the two brands, Samsung and Apple. According to Samsung, even if they did take inspiration from the Apple design, this is nothing more than commonplace in the consumer electronics market. Since Apple did the same thing in the past.

It is also widely known that Steve Jobs admired Sony and even asked when brain-storming for the iPone “What would Sony do?” It is quite good that Sony is interested so much in the design of such a gadget, the fans having higher and higher hopes. As far as the Apple-Samsung trial is concerned, this is going to begin in front of a jury on Monday 30 July. The case is 11-01846 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Jose.