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Cheap Nokia Dual Sim Phones

Nokia released info about two new products: the Nokia C1 and the Nokia C2. They both are dual Sim phones (that means you can have two carriers with only one phone). Nokia C2 comes with a big innovation, you can actually swap the second sim card anytime you want (yes it’s hot swappable) and this […]

Japan Texture Special Edition Cases for iPhone 3G and 3GS

The Japanese SoftBank brings iPhone users something special, and quite expensive in the same time: a new lineup of iPhone 3G and 3GS cases, available in a special edition. Called the ‘Japan Texture‘, the cases were created by using special paints and materials, in about four weeks. The picture itself on a case represents a […]

Informational Blog about Airline Tickets

Here is a very good blog about last minute airline tickets. Go here to read very good information about last minute tickets. It’s very funny that this site is no. 4 on google for www.cheap ticket.com. I wish it to be no. 1.

iTunes Subscription May be a Real Bargain

Some anonymous rumors said that Apple will introduce an iTunes subscription service in September. MacDailyNews, MacRumors and The Unofficial Apple Weblog are all reporting about a tip saying something about a $129-a-year iTunes service that would piggyback on Apple’s MobileMe service (for a iTunes/MobileMe combo, a user would have to pay $179). So, if we […]

Iphone 3G is Out

Yes, the new Apple Iphone 3G is ready, and stores have already sold it. You know most of the new things on the cellphone from here. I hope it will be better than the first version, I didn’t get the opportunity to get my hands on one yet, but I really don’t want to put […]

First Solar Cell Phone Ever

I’m so excited to tell you that the first ever green cell phone is invented. Why ever green? Because it’s using solar power. HiTech Wealth telecommunications has just begun selling the S116 and the specs are pretty impressive. However, the $510 pricetag will have you wondering why you don’t just get an iPhone. A 1.3 […]

Grundig U900 Clamshell with Linux, MP3 and AAC

Grunding U900 is a phone running Linux that supports UMTS 3G connectivity. It has two cameras and one camera has flash. The internal memory is just 100 MB but it supports microSD cards. Also you have a FM Tuner, GPRS, WAP and HTML browsing on a 262k QVGA display. The phone isn’t lunched yet so […]

Nokia 3110 Classic

Nokia has announced a new “basic” phone, called Nokia 3110 Classic. This phone is a Nokia 3310 wannabe, or at least Nokia hopes to sell millions of 3110 Classic. What it delivers ? 2.2 inch color screen 262,000 colors (128 x 160 pixels), 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, Weight: 87 g, dimensions: 108.5 […]

Palm Treo 700wx

The new Palm Treo 700wx is a Windows Mobile 5.0 based smartphone. It was announced to run Windows Mobile 6.0 but in the end the device came out running Windows Mobile 5.0. It has 64 RAM (double than Palm Treo 700w). The Palm Treo 700wx sports a 1.3 megapixel camera, a SD memory card slot […]

Apple and Cisco settle the Iphone

Apple and Cisco settled their dispute concerning the Iphone trademark. After launching the Iphone, Apple was sued by Cisco, which owned the trademark since year 2000. The agreement says that both companies can use the “Iphone” trademark on their products and no other action will be taken regarding the Iphone. Other terms of the agreement […]