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BenQ T60-nice, but…


BenQ just launched a new device, the T60, a phone with a great look, bu with few features.

BenQ T60 is one of the slimmest phones ever made and available on the world market, having only 8.9 mm. Some say that this phone is also one of the simplest, as it doesn’t have so many features, but I think it’s quite good, taking into consideration that it has a camera and Bluetooth.

This device is equiped with the following features: a 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, a media player, microSD slot, AVRCP support and also a blacklist functionality. It has a QVGA screen that measures 2.2 inches and it is equiped with a battery that allwes users to talk up to 3 hours, and has a 200 hours standby time.

BenQ T60

Well, a very nice looking phone indeed, but with quite a few features, and unfortunatelly we don’t know the price of this device.


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