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BlackBerry Storm 2 info


It looks like BlackBerry brings another ‘storm’…more exactly, the BlackBerry Storm 2, but this time it is Vodafone Germany’s variant: the 9520. We even have some pictures of the new device, but of course, everything is unofficial.

The only thing that was confirmed, is that the Storm 2 will feature Wi-Fi, which is a good news. The phone resembles the 9500 Storm, but unlike it, this one will run the 5.0 version of the BlackBerry OS.

You can see from the pictures below how the Storm 2 looks and each of you will probably have different opinions. But let’s not jump to conclusions until we have some official information.

Rumors also say that The BlackBerry Storm 2 will be released sometime in October 2009, and it will be available through Vodafone and Verizon.