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Bluetooth Smart Card Reader from RIM


RIM is best known for their BlackBerrys, but it seems they also have a smart card reader since 2005. Now, they come with the latest model of this card, which is slimmer and sports new features.

Let’s see how this card works. First of all, it goes well with the BlackBerry, which is no surprise. Through Bluetooth, the smartphone and the PC can be locked when the Smart Card reader is out of range; this ensures that only the designated user has access. Via a small LED screen on the back the reader can also provide keys for encrypting e-mail. All these give a double authentication process which is demanded by a lot of high-security companies.

The new Smart Card reader will support PIV, CAC, Safenet 330, and ISO 7816-compliant smart cards, and its availability is probably in September. We’re still waiting for more information about this card. Stay with us! 😉