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Seton Hall and Nokia Lumia 900

Seton Hall University, based in South Orange, New Jersey, is completely revamping their computing experience and taking it all-mobile with the Nokia Lumia 900 as the mobile part of the new offering. It is widely known that all incoming freshman coming into Seton Hall this fall semester will receive Nokia Lumia 900 smartphones.  Important aspect […]

What Is New In Android Jelly Bean?

Huawei Ascend G330 leaks

There has been quite a long period of time since we last saw a Huawei new handset. The manufacturer is known for its well-positioned mid-range smartphones with affordable price tags. It looks like the situation is the same as far as the Huawei Ascend G330 is concerned since being a mid-range droid that will, reportedly, […]

What Is New In Android Jelly Bean?

No Facebook phone

In the last few months, there was an idea that traveled around the world, according to which a Facebook phone could recently be manufactured. Unfortunately for the potential fans, the rumour was crushed by Mark Zuckerberg himself: “Building out a whole phone really wouldn’t make much sense for us to do.” Since there are already […]

What Is New In Android Jelly Bean?

Nokia Plant Closed Down

  Nokia’s manufacturing plant in Finland was closed down.  After numerous discussions with the representative members, Nokia decided it is better to shut down the plant in Salo, Finland. The closure was first made public in June, alongside plans to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide by the close of 2013. What is more, it looks like […]

What Is New In Android Jelly Bean?

Windows Phone 8’s Release

  Fresh news. It seems that the upcoming successor to Windows Phone 7, namely WP8,  will be released in October. The information “leaked” from Stephen Elop, the Nokia CEO, while talking  to the New York Times. This would make perfect sense because of the imminent October 26 release of Windows 8, so it’s within the realm of possibility […]

What Is New In Android Jelly Bean?