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Charlie’s Angels – Hellfire mobile game


If you are a Charlie’s Angels fans and an IntoMobile readers, here’s something new for you. German Ojom has announced the launch of a new mobile game, Charlie’s Angels – Hellfire, which delivers all the action of the movie straight to your mobile phone.

The game is made of 16 levels across 4 locations, hidden weapons and special attack moves. Your job is to guide your chosen Angel through the game and fight the mafia boss at the end of each the four chapters.

The story is something like this: a powerful mafia group is trafficking weapons across America and the mission is to track down its members and defeat them by any means necessary. As you play each of the angels, you will need to gather information on the gang leaders and take them out.

Charlie’s Angels – Hellfire mobile game

You have a picture above, so that you can see a bit what the game is about. Have fun! 🙂


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