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CTA’s new policy on employees’ personal cell phones


In Chicago, new rules on cellphone use arise. CTA’s employees are no longer allowed to use their personal cellphone when on duty. If they do not do this, they will get fired. This new policy was ‘born’ because of the great concern over the issue of cellphone use while driving.

CTA spokeswoman Noelle Gaffney said that this policy will be effective immediately and it will apply to all “bus and train drivers, but also to L train maintenance workers and customer assistance employees”. This means about 9,000 employees. Another reason why this policy was adopted, is the fact that many people complained that bus or train drivers were using their cellphones on duty.

So, personal cellphones will be banned and work equipment will be improved. But workers are afraid that people might confuse personal cellphones with those allowed, from work. Rules will be more strict for train drivers, while the bus drivers will be allowed with electronic equipment, but they must be turned off.

All these being said, customers and passengers are encouraged to call CTA customer service if they see a driver using a personal cellphone while working.