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Domino Dice for iPhone


If you are a game lover and you own an iPhone, you should know that there is the Domino Dice game available for you.

The game comes with 600 puzzles, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Dice and dominoes are the main elements of this game which requires strategy, logic and luck. The game is only 3.6 MB. and comes with a unique gameplay. For each puzzle there are three levels of difficulty, represented by cards.

The graphics and the interface of the game are great and stylish. Sounds are also good; the game doesn’t come with its own “playlist”, but it lets iPOD music play with the game sound effects.

All in all, iPhone Domino Dice is a great unique game, with very good graphics, and a lot of puzzles. It is highly recommended for those of you who really enjoy this type of games, as they require logic and strategy. 😉