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Far Cry 2 mobile game


It seems that the well known Far Cry 2 game will be available for mobile phones, soon. If you are a fan, you should be happy, as Gameloft said that the game will be very soon available.

If you don’t know too much about this game, we are now informing you that during this games, you will be able to fight on foot and motorcycle, in Africa. You will have 10 levels and you’ll fight against The Jackal and his evil horde. Grenades, flame throwers, mine detectors and sniper rifles will be available for you during the whole game.

The mobile game will come with really nice 2D visuals and atmosphere. Bellow, you can see the first screenshots, and we must say, they look quite impressive. We don’t know the exact availability of the game, but it should be soon….very soon. 😉