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gen iPhone, ‘iPad mini,’ new iPod nano to debut on Sept. 12


According to a recent report, Apple is going to manufacture a  smaller iPad called ‘iPad mini’ and a new iPod nano. Coming on the heels of pictures showing a supposedly fully-assembled next-generation iPhone, website iMore cites sources “who have proven accurate in the past” who claim the three new iDevices will be announced at a special Apple event on Sept. 12.


What is more, looks like the sixth-generation iPhone will go on sale on Sept. 19, one week after its purported debut, but a rollout date for the smaller iPad and iPod nano are not yet known. iMore recently reported the iPad mini would be unveiled sometime in October at a sub-$200 price point.

While the sources didn’t offer any additional information regarding hardware specifics, they reiterated the iPad mini will “be exactly like the 9.7-inch iPad, only scaled down to 7.x-inches.” The description is identical to earlier “leaked” engineering samples of the device that showed the inclusion of the same 19-pin dock connector widely expected to be introduced with the next-gen iPhone.

Not much is known about a new iPod nano, but some sources have claimed the device will eschew its current square-shaped design for something closer to a shrunken iPhone and add a home button.