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Released in 2005, the Haier M1000 is a model mobile phone which is compatible with European providers only.
It operates on the frequencies of GSM 900 GSM 1800 . This phone comes with built in polyphonic ringtones, which means you can download simple MIDI files from the Internet and upload them through your phone, or simply download them via GRPS (if GRPS is built in).
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It also includes an MP3 player and it is capable of surfing the Internet with the built in browser of the phone. the Haier M1000 is equipped with intelligent t9 typing, which allows you to easily type text messages without pressing each key upto 4 times for the correct letter and you may also send MMS.
The Haier M1000 comes fully equipped with a WAP browser, and additionally an HTML browser for normal web page surfing, including support for java. However, the Haier M1000 is not equipped with a camera or a video recording function.
Haier M1000