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Haier M600 Black Pearl


Haier’s M600 Black Pearl is seemingly a combination between a MP3-player and a mobile phone, however its weight has a bent for the former class of devices, as it weights only 64g. Measuring 90.6×35.3×18.2 mm, the M600 is quite easy to manage, fitting women’s hands especially. In fact, this Black Pearl’s main target are women in particular.
This phone’s main specs include: a OLED, 65K colors display, sized 96 x 96 pixels, 20 x 20 mm with 3D graphics, a microSD (TransFlash) as well as 128MB internal memory and a Processor/ OS ADI 6528, v2.0, A2DP, v2.0, miniUSB.
Some dissapointment comes with the lack of camera, but the phone is also equipped with MP3 Players well as FM Radio. The phone has a Li-Ion 730 mAh battery that provides up to 3 hours talk time and 200 hours standby.
Haier M600 Black Pearl

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