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Harvest Moon Frantic Farming iPhone Game


The Harvest Moon Frantic Farming is puzzle game, for iPhone devices, developed by Natsume Inc. It is not just a regular puzzle game, it is a match-3 game that also requires strategy. It has an original concept, so the first thing you must do is read the Help.

The game comes with two modes: Score Attack, with strategic characteristics, and Mission, with pure puzzle characteristics. The game also comes with an Album with locked pictures, which you can unlock after playing some games.

Harvest Moon comes with very good and polished graphics, the animations being very nice and colorful. Music and sound effects are also very good, and controls also work very well. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t support iPod music, and it doesn’t have an online high score board.

All in all, the Harvest Moon Frantic Farming is a very interesting and addicting game. It is available for download since August 1, 2009 from the iTunes App Store , it has 9.2 MB and it costs $5.99.