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Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise game


I am sure you have heard about the Hello Kitty game, especially if you have children; this kitty is simply everywhere, and now it is also available for iPhone and iPod devices, as a nice polished arcade game.

The game also comes with an interactive showcase, called My Room, which can be customized during the game. After the short introduction, My Room appears and you can play immediately with the Hello Kitty. The game brings you 10 levels and some of them are locked.

The graphics of the game are extraordinary, well polished and the interface is functional. The animations and the special effects are also very good, nicely designed and colorful; the sounds are also very good and the game comes with background musics which can be selected from the Options game menu.

All in all, the Hello Kitty game is a very nice and well polished game; everyone will love it, especially children. The game was developed by ZIO Interactive, and was released on August 6, 2009. The games is 47MB in size, it costs $4.99, and it is available for download from the iTunes App Store.