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HTC Hero: launched by Sprint, not T-Mobile?


A few days ago we told you about HTC’s new device, the HTC Hero, and you’ve probably heard that it would be launched by T-Mobile. Well, that’s not true! T-Mobile USA won’t launch the Hero, as they said the myTouch 3G was enough for them. This piece of information was also confirmed by HTC.

But if you are waiting for this device, you should know that the Hero will probably be launched by Sprint, on October 11; well…at least that’s what rumors say, although the picture bellow might confirm this. So, there’s still hope for USA HTC fans.

There’s still some time until the HTC Hero will be launched…a lot can happen. But let’s hope it will be only good news for the users. When official information will be offered, we will surely let you know. 😉