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i-mate Hybrid on the Run


It seems like Palm’s failure with the Foleo project doesn’t scare i-mate, as it is rumored to have a laptop-smartphone/PDA surprise in store for us. It is in fact a shell device that should apparently cost around $300 and rely on the smartphone to do all the processing and storage. The question that just pops up into our heads is: will i-mate actually pull it of? After the Foleo project, we have some doubts, but if the rumor is correct, then i-mate has at least one ace up its sleeve.
It should generally be an interesting gadget, more suitable to the corporate types, but if you decide some day that a laptop is not enough for you, sticking a smartphone next to it should certainly do the trick. We can only hope that this combination will turn out to be the right one and that will soon enough be able to hold an appealing device in our hands.
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