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INCRUDO Phantom: the most durable luxury device


INCRUDO Phantom…a new device that probably doesn’t look so nice or stylish, but it is certainly the most durable phone in the world; this is because it has a 2-3 mm titanium alloy coating.

The Phantom looks pretty bulky, it measures 106×45×18 mm and it weights 230 g. It is indeed a heavy phone, but these features are quite mandatory for a phone that is so durable, for any condition.

INCRUDO Phantom comes equipped with a QVGA screen with up to 16 million colors, 8GB of internal memory, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have 3G connectivity. I don’t know if these are all its features, but for now, this is all we know.

For the beginning, INCRUDO will make only 10 Phantoms devices. The phone will be available in several stores in Moscow, at the price of (about) $850.