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India has more mobile users than USA


After a report of the country’s regulatory body, it has been shown that India has more mobile phone uders that the USA, in April 2008.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India report, the wireless segment had seen an addition of 8.53 million subscribers in the month of February 2008 as against 8.77 million subscribers in January 2008. India’s total wireless subscribers (GSM, CDMA and WLL) base stood at 250.93 million at the end of February 2008. In February 2008, Airtel added new users, so it enrolled 2.26 million users followed by Reliance Communications (1.6 million) and Vodafone Essar (1.4 million).

India has more mobile users than USA

In comparison with USA and China, India has a monthly wireless subscriber addition of 8.5 million users, and it is the highest. TRAI said that India would have the second largest wireless subscriber base after China in the first half of April 2008. It also expects India’s total subscriber base to cross the 300 million mark in April. According to CTIA, the subscriber base of USA is 256 million at the moment.

But despite this growth in numbers, only one out of every four Indians has a telephone connection. It is still interesting that India’s mobile subscriber base surpassed the ones of USA and China.

India has more mobile users than USA


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