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Interesting Tawkon Application


Tawkon produces a free app for Android that alerts you when the radiation level of your phone climbs to dangerous levels. According to tawkon, the Samsung Galaxy S III is low on the chart with an SAR of 0.34 watts per kilogram (W/kg), while the iPhone clocks in with a hefty 1.1 W/kg. The phone at the top of infographic’s totem pole is the BlackBerry Bold 9700 with 1.37 W/kg. So this information might be useful to all of us, especially for the users who sleep with their mobile under the pillow.


Even so, the values don’t necessarily reflect the amount of RF exposure you receive because that can vary based on how you use your phone. And there is an ongoing debate about radiation and the safety of mobile phones. In the end, phones may or may not cause cancer.

Customers can grab the SAR app from the Google Play Store.