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iUSA and iAmerica interactive apps


It looks like the entire American history and government is going mobile. What I mean is that Apple iPhone has announced two new applications for iPhone devices: the iUSA and iAmerica. With these two apps, users will have access to the local government, even to the White House, and they will be also able to research, connect, and get involved in public service.

The iUSA app costs $4.99 and contains every government resource; practically, users will have a sort of “Pocket Guide” to the history, people and government of the USA. They will even be able to write to the President, directly from their iPhones. So, the app is designed to educate, help and promote.

The iAmerica app is a subset of iUSA and with its help users can find more about the US history,through its Presidency.

I find these apps very helpful and they are a must for American users, but not only; it could be a great source of information and general culture for other users as well. Taking into consideration the fact that a lot of people don’t know anything about their history, I strongly recommend it! 😉