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KDDI Fall Winter collection


Here we are, again, with more new devices form Japan. Today, you’ll find news about KDDI’s new collection of phones.

The first two devices are the Hitachi Wooo W63H and Casio Exilim W63CA, both of them being equipped wtih 3.1-inch OLED screens. The Casio Exilim also comes with an 8.1 megapixel camera. Next, we have the Sharp Aquos, equipped with a hi-res 3.5-inch screen, which is good for mobile TV.

Sony Ericcson also comes with a fashion device; the phone lets users change plates and personalize the device; the plates available, for the moment, are James Bond and Fifa World Cup. Another device is the Toshiba W65T, which comes with Lismo Video support, wireless music option and a built-in GPS.

The last three device are Kyocera W65K, Sony Ericsson W64S and Panasonic W62P, and they are more simplistic.

All these KDDI devices-except the last three- come equipped with the “au BOX” connectivity, and “Karada Manager”, a mobile personal trainer app.

We don’t have any other information and we don’t know the exact availability and pricing, but we’ll surely be back with news. 😉