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LG KP500 launched


Two days ago, LG Electronics announced the launch of KP500, a handset with touch screen technology, but also with handwriting recognition and QWERTY keyboard.

The slim LG KP500 comes equipped with an advanced handwriting recognition that helps you write memos and text messages, and edit images by touching the screen with the pen tip. The QWERTY onscreen keyboard can be seen when phone is held horizontally. If you want to have a bit fun, you just have to turn, flip, and shift the device, and motion sensor games are played. The KP500 also comes with the latest UI; this lets users to attach a friend’s photo for the speed dial feature, then page through the portraits and touch the friend to be called. The KP500 is a GSM phone which is able to operate in four frequency bands and in 39 languages.

The LG KP500 will be available in Black, Vandyke Brown, Anodizing Silver, and Elegant Gold, at the end of October, in Europe, and after that in the rest of the world. It is seen as a high quality touch screen device, that is easy to use and affordable to everyone.