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Making your Home Mobile


Nowadays mobile phones are everywhere and also develop new functions that you would never have dreamed of. The credit should be given to some highly imaginative and innovative people that get paid with very large sums of money just to speak their mind. We have one example you can follow in your own home that will make your guests scream innovative, and that is mobile phone wall decorations. The ingredients may be quite expensive, but in the end it will be worth the effort as “Casa de Pedra” from Sao Paolo proves to be a great outcome.
The interior designer might have a problem with the concept, but if you’re a handset fan, pay no attention to the experts. We have one advice that you should take into consideration while remodeling your home: keep the cell phones off. Also, you should be careful about this aspect especially if the number of cell phones is increasing on the long run because the electromagnetic waves could be giving you headaches.
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