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Mobiado 105GMT Gold: a very expensive luxury device


You have probably heard that Mobiado already made some luxurious devices, such as the Camo, Lucido and 105ZAF. Well, if you like these device (and especially if you can afford them!), we are glad to tell you that Mobiado released another device: the 105GMT Gold; and as its name says, it comes with gold-plated elements. And the other special and unique thing about this phone is that it comes with two self-winding Swiss watches, found below the keypad.

The 105GMT Gold comes with materials made of gold, but also with sapphire materials; another version of this phone comes with encrusted diamonds. The phone also comes with dual inset 24K gold plated crowns, brass frame, 5 micron thick 24 karat gold plated CNC machined, sapphire crystal buttons, gold paint, gun metal black stainless steel screws and many more. Wow, and these were only the aesthetics features of the 105GMT Gold phone. 🙂

Features and specifications: GSM quad band, and WCDMA dual band network; a 2-inch display; speaker phone; 3G connectivity; a 2 megapixel camera, with video capture; 1GB of internal memory; music and video player; AAC, eAAC+, and MP3 audio formats; micro USB ports; E-Mail; IM; Web browsing; different applications; PIM features; Bluetooth and USB connectivity; 3D shock absorbing system; voice-enabled applications. As you can see, the features are not very special…so the emphasize is put on the design and the aesthetic features.

Mobiado will release only 50 pieces of the 105GMT Gold phone, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about its price. Well…..I don’t even want to think about its price…gold, sapphire, diamonds…you figure it out. 😛