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Mobile Radiation Affects Human Skin


One of the most popular subjects of study is mobile radiation, especially how cell phone radiations affect the human skin. After being related with cancer of salivary gland and brain tumour, a new study conducted in Finland has found a link between radiations of mobile phone and alteration in the expression of protein-a group of Finnish scientists concluded that the radiation from mobile phones alters protein expression in people.

Scientist Dariusz Leszczynski of Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority said: “Mobile phone radiation has some biological effect. Even if the changes are small, they still exist.”

Mobile Radiation Affects Human Skin

During the experiment, the participants forearm’s skin was exposed to GSM signal for about 1 hour and then the skin biopsies were taken from the exposed as well as non-exposed part of the skin to further comparison. After having analyzed 580 proteins, the researchers found that 8 type of protein have significant change in its expression. But they also stated that it is too early to jump to any conclusion on the effect of such changes on human health.

Other studies put people at the risk of brain tumour due to the proximity of the brain to the radiation antenna which can absorb a large amount of electromagnetic energy. While other researches found out that those who use cell phones more frequently are more likely to develop parotid gland tumours.

All over the world, researchers took up the study to find the side effects of using mobile phones. In India foe example, researchers at the Indian Council of Medical Research are studying the role of these radiations and its effects on memory, sleep patterns and hearing capability.


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