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Mobile Search Key Driver for Mobile Internet


A new study on mobile habits of 1,001 Americans shows that only 30% of mobile users use mobile Internet. 75% conduct net searches. As expected, these users prefer their trusted sites Google, MSN, and Yahoo to help their mobile search.Moreover, their Internet habits remain intact and merely transferred to a different medium.
Maps/directions, weather and local information are the main attraction. However, even thought they are the leading content categories, around 75 percent are not willing to scroll beyond the second page of search results
In order to push mobile Web access and mobile search into the mainstream, many key pieces need to fall into place. User issues and complaints surround everything from the pricing of data plans to device capabilities to the optimization and formatting of content for the mobile Web.
Up-frontig the recent news related, to the Google phone rumors, Google as 2007’s most powerful brand, Frontline Wireless’s initiative to allow entry of Internet companies in mobile industry, and this new study reinforcing the loyalty of mobile users to search engines like Google.
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