Home News Modu 2 comes to UK in 2010

Modu 2 comes to UK in 2010


A few weeks ago I was telling you that the modular phone Modu was released; now we have some rumors saying that its successor, Modu 2, will be available in 2010, in UK, as well as US, Japan and some Western Europe countries.

The good news about the future Modu 2 is that it will feature touchscreen capabilities and the HSDPA support; a QWERTY jacket is also promised for the new device. Of course, nothing is official yet, we only have some rumors and 2010 is still quite far.

We do hope that the Modu 2 will be better than the first Modu, which was sold in only 1000 units and only three jackets are available for it. We’ll keep you up-to-date with these modular handsets. 😉