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Modu modular phone is official


It’s official: the modular phone produced by Modu will actually be available in stores. Last year, this device was only ‘in project’, but now you will be able to buy it.

The lightest and smallest phone in the world will first be available in the Mid East countries, with just a few choice of jackets. It will cost about $125 and probably it won’t have too many fans, even if the concept is quite interesting.

The light and strange phone comes with quad-band GSM/GPRS network support and 1GB of storage memory. It has various functions, it can be plugged into a PC, and when it is used on its own, it also has an MP3 functionality. Basically, the phone changes from a gaming platform to a music player, for example. The jacket I was mentioning before, is a sort of shell that can change every aspect of the phone: size, memory, software, etc.

This small ‘transformer’ will surely look very strange for most of you, but it could also be a unique accessory besides your classic phone. 😉