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Modu: the world’s lightest cell phone!


Modu, also known as the phone with many coats, was officially named the lightest cell phone in the world, and this was proved by the Guinness World Records’ crew.

This is not really a surprise, as this device weighs 40.1 grams (1.41 oz) and has dimensions of 72.1×37.6×7.8 mm (2.8×1.4×0.3 inches).The Guinness World Record for the world’s lightest mobile phone has been awarded to modu for being a tiny and sophisticated mobile phone. It was awarded after careful considerations made by GWR judges.

Tiny and sleek, modu launched its innovative mobile phone at the Mobile World Congress event, held in Barcelona, in February 2008. Modu is the world’s first modular mobile phone, supported by a variety of ecosystem partners. When being created, an emphasize was put on creating a small, light and compact phone. The result is great: a miniature phone, nicely designed and offering functions and capabilities of a normal-sized handset.

Modu: the world’s lightest cell phone!

Modu’s VP Marketing, Zack Weisfeld, said: “The Guinness World Record is a great achievement for a team that has worked tirelessly to take modu from the drawing board to producing full working devices in less than a year.”

Modu has already made a great impact since its launch, and mobile operators, consumer electronics manufacturers and other potential partners were all attracted by this minimalist mobile phone.


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