Home News More than a million Ovi Mail accounts created!

More than a million Ovi Mail accounts created!


Nokia has just announced that more than a million OVI mail accounts has been created and activated in the last eight months-actually since the service was launched, in December 2008. And statistics show that about 650 000 of these accounts were created by users directly from their mobile phones.

The OVI service is really popular because users can quickly and easily create an E-Mail account directly from their mobile device, without the need of a computer; and using OVI Mail is completely free. The service is available in more than 180 countries (including countries like India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and South Africa), and 20 languages.

OVI Mail is a very useful service, especially for those users who don’t have access to a computer or Internet. And according to the above mentioned statistics, it seems that the service works well and users like it. Will OVI Mail seriously rival Gmail or others? We shall see….;)