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MTV 3.3- 3G mobile phone


Well, as we live in the MTV generation, we should have expect such a release: an MTV handest which is also 3G capable. Personally, I’m not a fan, but I am sure that a lot of teenagers will be excited to have such a phone.

The French manufacture SFR formeda a team with ModeLabs, in order to launch the first MTV cellphone, as an SFR exclusive. The MTV 3.3 mobile phone is equiped with Bluetooth 2.0 and 3G connectivity, has a 2.2-inch display, a 2 megapixel camera, and Media Player. They also gave it a very attractive and eye-catching color:red. This is not all of course. The cellphone also comes loaded with MTV videos, logos, wallpapers, and original ringtones created by DJ Cut Killer and the MTV Cribs mobile game. It is also equiped with HotScan application which allows users to easily access the MTV news content.

In France, the fans will be able to get this device at the price of €49. The MTV 3.3 handset will also give access to all the content fof the four MTV channels in france: MTV, MTV Base, MTV Pulse and MTV Idol. In addition, two more channels created for MTV 3.3 users: MTV Scan and MTV Shake ton booty.

[MTV 3.3 phone] MTV logo

All in all, I think that MTV 3.3 will have a huge success among the fans of “My Super Sweet 16″…the MTV generation.


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