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New features for Disney Mobile


George Grobar, Disney Mobile’s senior VP/GM stated yesterday that MVNO Disney Mobile has decided to add to its family-friendly services in the coming months and continues to scout for new retail locations where mothers shop.
New features for Disney Mobile
In the summer, Disney will offer a location scout feature that lets handsets display nearby points of interest. In August or later, Disney will launch a photo-sharing application that enables one-click uploads of pictures taken by a Disney camera phone to a Disney photo-sharing site. Each family member will get a page, but there will also be a shared page. Parents will control the ability of a kid to share photos outside the family.
Continuing the campaign, Disney will offer an online family calendar that parents will change via PC and will include automatic pushed alerts to phones. Around the same time, the company will launch a Web site from which users can download graphics-rich games and other content to a PC for side-loading to a Disney phone. Such content would be slow to download over the air because Disney makes use of CDMA 1x phones that lack high-speed EV-DO data connections. The price of EV-DO technology must come down to a point at which Disney could offer it in a $99 phone, Grobar explained. Disney’s individual plans are intended for parents who want to give a child a Disney phone but whose own phone is locked into another carrier’s contract. The new individual plan costs $24.99/month for 200 minutes. Disney soft-launched its service in late May 2006, rolled it out nationally in August and made its holiday target, he said.
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