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Nine New LiMo Handsets


We’ve just found out that Panasonic and NEC have introduced nine new LiMo mobile phones, via NTT DoCoMo, the Japanese carrier. The nine devices are categorized into three groups or series: Prime, Style and Smart.

The PRIME series brings the N-06A, P-07A and N-07A mobile phones; the STYLE series brings the N-08A, P-06A, P-08A, and P-10A; and the SMART series brings the N-09A and the P-09A devices.

These devices look quite cheap, but some of them come with really good features; many of these new handsets come equipped with TV tuners, 7.2 Mbps, 3G, GPS, WVGA displays, and even 8.1 megapixel cameras.

Here are the color options for these nine new devices: N-06A– Active Red, Supreme Silver and Master Black; P-07A– Dot Black, Stripe White, and Pearl Pink; N-07A– Vermilion, Cyan, Checker, and White; N-08A– Perfume Pink, Airy White, Nuance Gold, and Shadow Blue; P-06A– Gold, White, and Black; P-08A– Mint Choco, Ivory White, Mat Black, and Magenta; P-10A– Pink, Black, White, and Gold; N-09A– Red Leather, Black Wood, and Silver Metal; and finally, P-09A– Gold, Violet, and Black.