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Nokia to release 70mbps phones next year


It seems that the worlds of mobile phones and computers are more of a team now than they have ever been, as both Nokia and Intel announced separately that they’re developing new technologies involving WiMax for 2008. WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access ) is the next generation Wi-Fi technology, offering much greater speeds over much greater distances than current Wi-Fi.
Average speeds should be around 10Mbps, which is 3 times faster than existing HSDPA technology, and taking the mobile Internet well into broadband territory.
With Motorola also stating its aim to release a WiMax phone by 2008 (Sony Ericsson have yet to announce any firm plans), US network operator Sprint spending $3 billion on adding WiMax to its network, and now Intel also committing to the technology, WiMax is set for a secure future.
Apparently, within a short amount of time, high-speed downloads should be easily accessible in most geographic areas. With Wi-Max coming very soon, consumers will ignore the mobile networks if they continue to charge over the top fees for mobile data.They need to become ISPs themselves and offer users a mixed package of both Internet access and mobile phone access – and then charge the one fee for using both networks. This way, the user will pay the network operator whether they’re using VoIP, WiMax, or mobile network technology.
Apparently, Orange are already doing this, having taken over Wanadoo and offering combined fixed and mobile connections for a standard price.
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