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Nomophobia-fear of no mobile phone


Well, here we are with something new, a new disorder, disease, call it how ever you want: nomophobia, the fear of being without the phone. Studies have shown that a lot of people suffer from this new disease that causes cold sweats, nervousness and anxiety.

So if you freak out when you forget your cell phone at home, or when you go mad when your mobile’s missing, it means you suffer from the new disorder, that British researchers are calling nomophobia or the “fear of no mobile phone.”

Post Office Telecom expert Stewart Fox-Mills says that “people have this incredible anxiety — 53 percent of the UK population feel anxious when their mobile phone is not available to them”. A Post Office poll discovered that those kind of stress levels are up when getting married, moving into a new house, or going to the dentist.

Nomophobia-fear of no mobile phone

If your “nomophobia” makes you break out in a cold sweat, there is a solution. One man said that when “I gave up my BlackBerry my blood pressure went down 30 points”, while others say “I don’t want one! I hate all this interference in one’s private life!”

Well, I think that such a disorder is quite possible, as many people are dependent on their cell phones and practically can’t live without them; this can install panic that may lead to anxiety, a very nervous mood or sweats. Advice: people, stop being dependent on cell phones! Centuries ago people didn’t have such devices and could live! 😛


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