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NVIDIA backs Miracast wireless display standard



NVIDIA has announced its backing of the wireless display standard that doesn’t require existing WiFi networks to display content over-the-air from embedded devices also known as Miracast. The  WiFi Alliance is going to introduce the standard in the next few months. What is more, NVIDIA has committed to enabling Tegra with the technology going forward. Since it is common knowledge that NVIDIA has a ton to gain from said backing; this will definitely  be great for beaming photos and video without a hassle. This will facilitate and make the game more pleasant.

Let’s take for example OUYA, the Tegra 3-based Android gaming console, being equipped with Miracast. The owner is going to be extremely lucky and thankful for owning such a treasure. For those who are interested in the technical details, there is a whitepaper. Also, for more information watch the video attached to the article.