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Palm Treo 800w Unidentified Cell Phone


We know for a fact that after Palm Treo 500v was released many of you stopped to wonder what handset will be the next in line from the Palm Treo 7xx line. Also, it seems like one small part has begun to fantasize about none other than Palm Treo 800w that is currently nonexistent. There are some, rumors about this particular CDMA handset referring to it tunning on Sprint’s network and to some elements of the design: no antenna, revised Windows Mobile soft-key placement and 320×320 display.
This information doesn’t satisfy our curiosity and if it would come in a more digestible photographic shape, we could lower our demands. It seems like someone has decided to take the matters in his/her own hands by posting a make believe picture of the Palm Treo 800w that definitely screams desperation. Our advice is to remain calm and concentrate on your daily routine as 2008 will be the earliest time when we’ll hear news of this handset.
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