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Pantech A1407PT for Better Hearing


If you’re acquainted with the bone conducted hearing devices on the market, then applying the concept to a cell phone will make your day brighter. Pantech decided to ensure a better quality to at least one of its handsets, Pantech A1407PT being its best heard device till now. The functioning principal is quite simple: it uses bone conduction loudspeakers which channel sound through your bones from just behind your ear, which enables users to hear better in noisy environments.
Along with the 2.4-inch screen and the 1.3 megapixel camera, this handset seems to be one good deal for customers of all ages. As long as there are traffic jams, screaming babies, hysterical women and annoyed drivers, you’re bound to miss a few important calls to which this device is more than willing to properly connect you.
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