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Pantech Flipping the Tail with Dolphin Mobile


We guess that Pantech must have really enjoyed Flipper’s movements in order to actually produce a Dolphin Cell Phone. Don’t worry, however, Pantech IM-220 isn’t personalized with flippers or other dolphin-like features, but simply its backside resembles the marine creature and we may add that the color also helps its original design. If you dare acquire it, this handset should keep you happy, its features including: a 1.3 MP camera, office document viewer, Bluetooth, music player and HSDPA support.
In fact Pantech should take pride with this undisputedly unique slim slider that was built to make your handling much finer. We get the impression that this nature inspired device will be a pretty reliable partner, one of its tough spots being definitely its smooth mobility-let’s just hope it won’t slip through your fingers.
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