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Prison Break mobile game!


Prison Break is one of the world’s favourite Tv series, and now it will be available as a mobile game. Pretty good news for the fans. 😉

In January, it was announced that Vivendi was planning to release a mobile game based on this very popular series. Well, the plans are becoming reality as the game is scheduled to be launched in June, and until then we are offering you some information and pictures of this game.

The game is based on the first season of the Tv series and your task is to lead Michael Scofield through 36 maps, having available 12 different environments. In the game, you will be able to find all the elements of the actual story, including stuff like prison rioting and tunnel digging. The game is an adventure, as you’ll wander around, talki with other people, solve puzzles, collect and use all types of items.

Prison Break mobile game

Well, I think the game will be a great success and real fans of the series will be looking forward to the beginning of the summer. 🙂


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