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PSP gaming phone


psp_gaming-phone_8.jpgWe are going to show you a few wonderful pictures of what appears to be a brand new PSP gaming phone, quite similar to the Samsung SGH-F520 smartphone, but with gaming controls replacing the F520’s keypad.
psp_gaming-phone_2.jpg psp_gaming-phone_4.jpg
PSP gaming phone
Featuring a dual-slider form factor thi is a Windows Mobile device with touchscreen, 3 megapixel camera, and is designed purely for game playing. Anycall is a trademark of Samsung, who use the brand name in its native Korean market.
PSP gaming phone
However, it is not a Samsung phone. The PSP even comes with 11 preinstalled Nintendo NES games, but it has nothing to do with Nintendo.This gadget has been sold by an eBay seller for just $200, so if anyone wishes to have a phone that no-one else on the world ownsfeel free to head over to eBay and bid for the thing.
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