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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Chips Made by Samsung



The engineers from Qualcomm are well-known for their skils in manufacturing chips that after this process are physically made by others. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, better known as TSMC, has been making Qualcomm’s chips since the beginning of time, but these days they’re having issues feeding Qualcomm’s demand. It seems that, according to EE Times, the solution  is to sign deals with additional chip makers. They say that Qualcomm now has agreements with United Microelectronics, better known as UMC, and Samsung, one of their fierest competitors. UMC will start making 28 nanometer Snapdragon S4 chips as early as Q4 of this year, and as for Samsung … the terms of that deal haven’t been revealed.

On the other side, the company who is presumed to have made between 48 million and 52 million smartphones during Q2 2012, makes their own chips under the “Exynos” brand. Because Qualcomm has proven that they can provide bulletproof support for 4G LTE in the 700 MHz band Samsung swaps out their Exynos chips for Qualcomm’s chips.

Consequently, there are going to be more Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon chips available, which means more smartphones with incredible performance