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Sagem/Porsche P9522 candybar


It seems that more and more luxury car manufacturers are launching their own mobile devices. The newest device in this trend is the Sagem/Porsche P9522 candybar phone, and, as its name says it, it is made by Sagem in collaboration with Porsche.

The main features and specifications of P9522 are: standard Porsche font and style; a 2.8 touchscreen with reinforced mineral glass; a 5 megapixel camera; built-in GPS receiver; WiFi connectivity; fingerprint reader. But the main disadvantage is the fact that it lacks the 3G feature.

It seems that Sagem/Porsche P9522 will be found next month, in the French markets, at the price of 600 Euros. Well, I think it’s a stylish device, even if it doesn’t have too many features. 😉